I've always heard that a picture tells more than long sentences .. ;-)


For various reasons (including the fact that i like the iMac design and that as a musician i have recording hardware that is only recognized/usable with Mac OS X), i decided to buy me a shining new Apple iMac 24". But of course Linux remains my OS of choice ..

So i dediced to use it in dual-boot mode and i installed of course CentOS (don't need to explain why i think ... ;-) ) . I decided to use rEfit as the efi boot menu (better than the included bootcamp because to boot an alternative OS at boot you have to press a key, while rEfit always displays a boot menu and boots a (configurable) default OS)

I'll write of course a page on theCentOS wiki explaining in details what has been tested, what works and what doesn't ... One little note about the setup : i *always* setup linux through the network (with or without kickstart) so i tested the netinstall boot.iso on the mac. I had to play with some options : for example anaconda is always trying to mount the cdrom before asking you which method you want to use (you can of course use the 'method= ' to override this behaviour though.

But i noticed that it was really slow to 'inspect' the cd .. using the option hda=ide-scsi helped me for the setup (i installed from my local nfs repo )

So the full line i used (you specifiy more paramaters of course) was : "linux vnc hda=ide-scsi"

More informations to come on the CentOS wiki ...