Due to Dag's last blog post about his latest update to mrepo, we had several folks in the #centos and #centos-social irc channels asking how to configure it to just synchronize repositories on a server in their local network.

First of all you have to understand that mrepo isn't only a repo synchronisation tool : it can help you to create deployment servers etc (see the mrepo features list )..

If you only need to sync repositories, you have other alternatives :

  • rsync (if your remote mirror support rsync of course .. for CentOS mirrors that support rsync, see the centos.org mirrors list webpage)

  • if rsync is not available, use reposync from the yum-utils package (available too on RHEL and works to mirror rhn internally because of the rhn-plugin available on RHEL yum version)

Just a reminder for people who forget that such tools (especially reposync) exist .. ;-)