... but not packaged yet ! .. reason is simple. If you don't live in
Belgium you're probably not interested in this post .. but for people
like me it is : i was looking at the official belgium federal government
page about the belgium eidmiddleware and i
saw that a newer version was available . Great . We worked with
Dag to package the previous version (we had to
patch it but
that's another story) and provide it as an rpm for EL4/EL5 in the
RPMforge repository. But then the fun begins
in the previous version (up to 2.6.0) the linux version was provided only as source, which could be a pain to install/setup for the 'lambda' user but great for packager/maintainer.

But for a strange (and not explained) reason they decided to only deliver binaries now ... Of course i don't mind if the Belgian government would provide binaries but at least correctly built ! Quick and stupid example : they claim to provide the 'package' for both Debian , Fedora 9 and OpenSUSE11 but not as .deb nor .rpm ! .. and i'll not talk about stupid install.sh that doesn't even care about missing dependencies ... !

I'm not blogging now against the guy who was asked to 'package it' to provide binaries for the newer version .. but against the people who decide to *NOT* deliver the sources anymore on the same page ! How can we now succesfully build the newer version and provide a good/tested/correctly built RPM for CentOS/RHEL 4 and 5 when sources are missing ?

Dear mr the eid middleware developer, if you decide to provide binaries, i wouldn't even care about the fact that you package it correctly or not .. i promise .. but *at least* continue to give the source code so that people who packaged it for different distributions and in different formats (including .RPM like we did or .deb like Wouter is doing for Debian)

Dear mr webmaster : at least on the Linux page, don't ask as the last step (step 4) to update Windows ... ;-)

/me is now spamming their servicedesk to have an official answer ..