I recently received a new laptop (IBM/Lenovo thinkpad R61) and I installed it with CentOS 5.3 x86_64. I used (of course) the nvidia driver from RPMforge (for the nVidia Corporation Quadro NVS 140M card that the R61 contains) but i had issues when trying to suspend/resume : In fact it suspended correctly and resumed , but with a black screen (machine was reachable on the network) so it was a video driver issue. Here is the patch you need to apply to a hal file for the suspend/resume operation to work :

/usr/share/hal/fdi/information/10freedesktop/21-video-quirk-pm-el5-nvidia.fdi.orig  2009-07-08 17:04:21.000000000 +0200
+++ /usr/share/hal/fdi/information/10freedesktop/21-video-quirk-pm-el5-nvidia.fdi       2009-08-09 18:18:08.000000000 +0200
@@ -16,6 +16,10 @@
\<remove key="power_management.quirk.vga_mode_3">\</remove>
\<remove key="power_management.quirk.none">\</remove>
\<merge key="power_management.quirk.vbe_post" type="bool">true\</merge>
+          \<remove key="power_management.quirk.vbe_post">\</remove>
+          \<merge key="power_management.quirk.s3_mode" type="bool">true\</merge>