This Fosdem edition was, as usual, a good edition, including for the CentOS crew present on site. Of course some things could be better, like the fact that the WiFi network was unreliable (especially on saturday, but fixed after that) , that our booth was not in front of the devroom (like it was the case for the past events) . Some core CentOS members were missing, but for a very good reason though :D

We had some nice discussions with people coming at the booth and/or in the devroom. I personnaly had interesting conversations with Wouter Verhelst (about the eid middleware that we both package for our respective distributions ) and Simo Sorce (about the integration of (Free)IPA in the CentOS repositories) .. let's see how it goes in the future ..

Of course it was a pleasure to discuss with so much people , including people we're used to see each year, like Jeff 

For people interested , pictures are now online and presentations are (almost) all uploaded on the wiki.

See you next year and thanks to all the people from the Fosdem team who organized each year such an event !