I've always loved Nokia products and always have been satisfied by my last two E-series (E51and E71). But there are those little things that can bring you a better life when using it. For example, you can decide which data access point (Wireless or 3G) you want to use when launching an application. That's fine and of course I prefer using my WLAN at home than the 3G connection. But what if you schedule something to happen automagically on your phone, like calendar and contacts sync (I sync those with the integrated Mail for Exchange application, even if, obviously, i don't have an Exchange server, but rather a Zarafa OpenSource server with z-push installed). You have to define a 'sync plan' and choose which connection it will use in the background. Wait, I'd like it to select my Wireless AP when at home (or with some pre-defined wlans from friends, etc ..) if available and then switch to 3G if no wlans available. That's where SmartConnect helps you a lot : you can define a 'fake' access point which is in fact a group that contains your connections (wlans/3G) with priorities and it will use the first available one. Use that 'fake' access point on your mobile, whatever the application (even tested with Putty for Symbian). Great and useful.

You can download it from the official website, or directly install it from your mobile through the OVI app installer.